Thursday, April 12, 2007

Update from Nepal

Fur Geljen Sherpa, director of World Records Expeditions & Treks, who is helping Apa and Lhapka Sherpa in Kathmandu, gives an update of preparations for the Super Sherpa expedition:

"The Super Sherpa Expedition local management team is further working to finalizing entire management at Kathmandu before departing for Lukla. The Team has already sent all the expedition equipments and materials cargo to Syanboche via helicopter. The rest of the materials are sending directly from (Kathmandu) to Lukla.

"In the mean time, the local management team including two Super Sherpas Mr. Apa and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa put their efforts to finalizing the exemption of the climbing permit for Super Sherpa Expedition - 2007.

"After doing several (followups) with government officials, (on the) day before yesterday (10th April 2007) government of Nepal, Ministerial Council approved the climbing permit fee exemption for Super Sherpa Expedition for this year. The government of Nepal will issue a confirmation letter today or tomorrow to the expedition team.

"Now, the Super Sherpas are doing a final wrap up at Kathmandu to make the trip successful. On the other hand, Nepalese New Year 2064 is just a day after tomorrow, and two legendary Sherpas are very much curious to go ahead to achieve new destiny with new wonderful mission. The local team has already planned to organize a dinner program on the auspicious occasion of Nepalese New Year celebration with government officials, political leaders, journalists, social leaders and other renowned personalities on 18th April 2007 to exchange best wishes and good luck for Nepalese New Year and Super Sherpa Mission.

"Mr. Apa had supported approximately more than 75 foreigners to reach the Everest Summit during his 16 times successful ascending of Mt. Everest."


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