Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summit, then grim task

Enjoy the new photos, courtesy of SuperSherpas LLC.

The descent to base camp for Apa, Lhakpa and others on the SuperSherpas Expedition summit team has been delayed in order for them to help bring down the bodies of two Korean climbers.

Team spokeswoman in Utah, Katie Eldridge, said the climbers were killed when an avalanche swept through their camp below the summit - they were in their tent at the time.

The Web sites, and, both have information about the climbers. Their names are listed as Oh Hee-joon, 37, and Lee Hyun-jo, 34, both members of the Park Jong-Seok expedition, according to one Web site. Both sites say the men fell to their death.

The most dangerous and difficult part of bringing down their bodies is getting them over a large ice fall, an obstacle in constant motion that poses one of the biggest risks on Everest near base camp. The ice fall is located between 17,500 feet and 19,500 feet in altitude.

The SuperSherpas all-Sherpa summit team reached the top of the 29,035-foot peak at about 9 a.m. Wednesday in Nepal. Below are a few photos of some of the Sherpas on top of the world.

Sherpas in the photos include Utahns Apa and Lhakpa, as well as Pasang and Mingma.


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